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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

From Big Walker Mountain to you:

Merry Christmas.

In Another Era

A Christmas message in a time when war raged in Europe, North Africa and Asia.  A war that brought to duty 16 million Americans.

It's December, 1942.

A Christmas message from mother to son:

Your father will not be here for this, your first Christmas
The war has taken him far away from us, but his love warms our family hearth.
You are the son of a man who's principles are his strength.
He has gone to war for those principles.  He has taken up arms against evil.
His faith is our faith.  His strength is our strength.

When he went away, I thought I should not survive.  I have survived and grown strong.
The long months of not knowing where he was, were the months of my greatest trial.
New strength came to me.
The war drove us from our first home.  I found strength in that hardship.
I have tended you through all the hours of your days.  I have grown strong with the tending.
I have scrubbed for you all the weeks of your life as I had never thought to scrub for a mortal soul.
I have scrimped and saved so that each day's pennies could add their might to winning the war.

Now we two are about to celebrate our first family Christmas though your father will not be here.
We have loaned him to America.
We have loaned him to the America that you, too, will grow up to love.
We have loaned him, so that in the years to come, young mothers everywhere,
on Christmas day, shall be able to say "Merry Christmas" to their sons.

And so it came to pass ...

In loving memory of those millions upon millions of mothers, fathers, and sons - Americans all: May you have a very Merry Christmas.

From a United States Rubber Company (later known as Uniroyal) ad in Time magazine December 28, 1942.