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Sunday, January 01, 2012

At The Heart Of Gingrich's Virginia Ballot Problems

In a word: HENRY.

As in Henry County:
Bogus signatures in Henry County cost Gingrich place on ballot
Martinsville Daily

WTVR-6 in Richmond is reporting a staffer for Gingrich collected over a thousand bogus signatures here in Henry County. The person, who was not identified, was paid per signature and when the Republican Party of Virginia found out they were not from registered voters they were thrown out. The one individual who Gingrich says committed fraud, cost him a place on the ballot for the Republican Primary in Virginia this March. A person is required to collect 10,000 signatures to be on the ballot. Gingrich submitted 11,100. The person in Henry County turned in 1,500 invalid signatures and once they were thrown out Gingrich was under the 10,000 required. Commonwealth’s Attorney Bob Bushnell says no criminal complaint has been filed in this case, but given the magnitude of the allegations if a voter fraud charge does come to light, it will be taken very seriously. [link]
Gingrich paid some dude by the signature.  And got lots of signatures.  All (or part) of which were forgeries.

One person in Henry County may have kept Newt Gingrich off the Virginia ballot in March.  And may have cost him the nomination.

Tar.  Feathers.  Exit door.