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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bill Carrico Makes Us Proud

That silly one-handgun-a-month law is one step closer to repeal, with Republican Senator Bill Carrico out in front leading the effort:
Va. Senate panel votes to scrap one-gun-a-month rule
By Jim Nolan, Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Senate Courts of Justice Committee today approved a measure that would eliminate Virginia's one-gun-a-month restriction on the purchase of handguns.

Approval of the one-gun-a-month repeal (Senate Bill 323), sponsored by Sen. William Carrico, R-Grayson, signaled what is likely to be the most significant change to Virginia's gun laws this year.

The vote was 8-6 on the GOP-controlled committee, with Sen. John S. Edwards, D-Roanoke, voting for passage with seven Republicans and Sen. Thomas K. Norment, Jr., R-James City, who was not present at the time of the vote, being recorded as abstaining.

The measure has strong support in the Republican-dominated House of Delegates, and Gov. Bob McDonnell has previously indicated he is inclined to sign the repeal bill into law.

The one-gun-a-month law -- adocated by then-Gov. L. Douglas Wilder -- was first implemented in 1993 to address interstate trafficking of firearms in Virginia. Opponents of Carrico's bill said repeal of the law would hamper efforts to stem the flow of weapons. [link]
As you might expect, the gun ban crowd is all apoplectic over this legislation having passed the Senate committee.  Guns will start flowing out of Virginia and into the hands of bad guys ... blah, blah, blah.  Which would be news to New York Mayor Bloomberg, who's been telling us that that has been happening all along.

Oddly, those who are wetting their beds over Carrico's legislation don't seem to care about our 2nd Amendment rights being rationed by government.

To them I provide a quote from a great American, Charlton Heston:

"You know, the Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen the right to own and bear firearms. It doesn't say anything about how many or how much you can pay for them. That's in the Bill of Rights. That's a sacred document in our country. There's no other country in the world that has such a document."

In my weaker moments, I want to tell those who would pick and choose the freedoms that I'm allowed to have: You ration my rights and I'll ration yours.

Is that really where we as Americans want to go?