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Monday, January 09, 2012

A City Lavrentiy Beria Could Love

In poverty-ravaged, crime-plagued Newark, New Jersey unemployment isn't the problem, economic devastation isn't the problem, roving bands of criminals aren't the problem. Guns are the problem.

Want to put bread on your table and "stop crime"? Rat out your neighbor (who possesses a gun in an effort to do that which law enforcement fails to do):

Says the mayor:
We have a program in our city right now that is completely anonymous, and we will give you a thousand dollars cash - a thousand dollars - to anyone who calls our anonymous tip line. Give us the information about who is carrying a gun and we don't even have to have a conviction. We simply arrest that individual and get that gun off the street.

This is the best program in the country. A quick thousand dollars.
That country? You'd think Corey Booker was referring to the old Soviet Union.

But no.

Really makes you want to live in poverty-ravaged, crime-plagued, NKVD-simpatico Newark, New Jersey, doesn't it?