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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dick Saslaw's an Idiot

I shake my head in wonder.  How do morons like the senator from Springfield get reelected over and over again?

The RPV exposes the man's troubling lack of intelligence:

Surprise! Democrats Call for Gas Tax Hike

It's one of the most regular phenomena in Richmond. You can set your watch by it. Legislators return to Capitol Square, and Democrats begin their drum beat to raise the gas tax.

The most recent example? A plan by Del. Vivian Watts, D-Annandale, to stick a 4 percent sales tax on gasoline.

But fear not! It's not like raising the gas tax will make gas more expensive... just ask Sen. Dick Saslaw.

"[Saslaw] said Virginia's gas tax (17.5 cents) is lower than neighboring West Virginia (33 cents) and North Carolina (35 cents). Increasing the gas tax would not increase the price of gasoline, Saslaw said."

Don't tell Senator Saslaw, but GasBuddy.com has some bad news for his "won't increase the price" theory...

Average Gas Prices
Virginia $3.317 
North Carolina: $3.435
West Virginia: $3.493

Virginia Democrats: Trust us. You won't even notice when we take more of your money.
What, Saslaw thinks the gas companies will absorb the increased cost and not pass it on to the consumer? From Economics 101 we know that companies always pass on increased costs. Always. Especially when taxes are involved.

Did this Democrat just fall off a turnip truck, or what?