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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do You People At The Roanoke Times Even Read ...

... the horse shit you write?

How the good people of the Star City who subscribe to the Roanoke Times must long for someone at the city's only major newspaper to some day hire smart people to populate its editorial board. (I don't subscribe so I don't lose out; I just laugh and click through to the funnies.)

This morning?  A two-star double-chuckle.


The Roanoke Times editorial page comes out (see "ICLEI alarmists get iced, for now") four-square in favor of Roanoke County's decision to continue shelling out $1,200 a year to some United Nations-backed organization (no, I'm not making that up; Roanoke County sees benefit in donating your hard-earned income to some far-removed bureaucracy in some faraway monastery) that goes by the acronym ICLEI (which stands for "The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives").

Return On Investment aside (though it would be worth some reporter's asking about, ahem), why are the boys and girls on the Times editorial staff so orgasmic about the decision?

Because "a small, vocal and persistent group of 'Agenda 21' true-believers" opposed it.  And that's all the reason they need to laud the county's decision to pay for crap county supervisors could easily pick up for free off the internet.

The question remains: Is the 1,200 bucks worth it?

To the small minds at the Times, apparently, you betcha!   $1,200 to see those small, vocal, and persistent true-believers put in their place?  Priceless!

Here's my thinking: How about someone living in Roanoke County propose to those supervisors who thought it wise to flush $1,200 down the drain if they could pass an ordinance calling for that sum to be garnisheed from the wages of the members of the Roanoke Times editorial board to pay for their silly expenditure

Let's find out how enthusiastic they are then about ICLEI.