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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Fake Is This?

There's a YouTube video making the rounds that's supposed to make us all scared of really badass Chinese soldiers.  Watch "Chinese Soldiers Pass Around LIVE GRENADE In Military Training Exercise."

Upon viewing the piece the first time one is indeed impressed.  If not frightened.

Six warriors (faces blackened for that Jean-Claude Van Damm effect) handing a smoking grenade to one another as it's about to explode? Those guys have nerves of steel!

Only two problems: Watch closely and you immediately notice that (1) that grenade isn't the kind of grenade any of us (civilians anyway) has ever seen before (it looks more like a harmless smoke bomb), and (2) when the "grenade" is passed around the second time, the last Ironman wannabe drops it at his feet - about two yards from where the "resulting" explosion takes place. Which means the explosion didn't result from the "grenade" going off; ignition was controlled by someone elsewhere to take place after the the little wieners leaped out of the way.

Nice matching outfits though.

Yeah, color me scared, Wang.