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Monday, January 23, 2012

Maybe Newt's The One

Why do I suggest that?

Think about this sentence, from the Wall Street Journal editorial, "The Gingrich Challenge this morning:

"Mr. Gingrich's biggest problem is that more voters say they dislike than like him."

Not a good formula for getting elected, to be sure.

But is it possible that a man we don't like is just the man we need to make the choices that are going to enrage one bloc or another - or maybe all of them - as we bring this country back from the brink?

For the last many years Washington has been trying to please every human being in this country. Those without money and means are handed money and means. Those whose only relationship with the federal government is through the annual submission of their 1040 tax form have enjoyed a tax cut since GW Bush was president. Those who believe in a strong defense have been blessed with a strong defense - that we can't afford to maintain. Those who want a "green" government are getting just that - and are showered with cash to prove it. The unemployed are now assured welfare checks each month into perpetuity. Social Security/Medicare recipients now have more disposable income than any other demographic group in America because the government is providing them both income and medical insurance. The poor. The rich. Everyone in between.

A relationship that is unsustainable.

The government is flat broke and dysfunctional.

And everyone in government knows it.

And nobody in government has the balls to do anything about it.

They just sit by and await the crash. With prepared denunciations of the opposition in hand and ready to go.

Perhaps it's time we elected someone who we don't like going in?

Maybe it's that guy who will put an end to the madness, knowing that you're going to dislike him more after he's inflicted the necessary - inevitable - pain than you dislike him already.

(The alternative is Greece, folks.)

You find Newt to be dislikable? Maybe he's just the dude you need to set you straight.  Like the bartender late at night who tells you you've had enough, to pack it in and go home, you don't like him or his demand, but you thank him the next morning for saving your ass from certain doom.