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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Heart Bleeds

Stop what you're doing and grab a hankie before you proceed.  You'll need it as the tears well up in your eyes as you read the following, from this morning's Washington Post editorial team:

Deep in the heart of Virginia coal country sits a mountaintop prison, its remote location an outward expression of the plight of the inhabitants inside. Some 500 of its 745 inmates are held in solitary confinement — 23 hours a day, seven days a week, some for years — with virtually no human contact or meaningful stimulation.

Meaningful stimulation? Felons? Locked away in solitary where their sorry asses belong? What, we should provide entertainment and a bottle of booze? Hookers? "Dancing With The Stars"?

I'm still trying to decide if the murderers, rapists and psychotics being incarcerated in the the Red Onion over in Wise County deserve three meals a day and a toilet.

Meaningful stimulation.  Hope you got that hankie.  For all those Wheaties spewed on your keyboard.

 Meaningful stimulation.  Gimme a freaking break.

- - -

Earth to Washington Post:  Red Onion State Prison is classified as a Supermax facility for a reason.  It provides "segregated housing for inmates classified as the highest security risks in the prison system — the 'worst of the worst' criminals, those whose crimes have been made popular by the media, and those who pose a threat to national and international security."

You feel sorry for them?  You invite them into your neighborhood, compassionate ones.  Don't shuffle them off on us and then tell us how we are mistreating them.  I'm thinking they'd make swell babysitters for your children.