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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Smiles II

I haven't decided to go all in for Newt Gingrich yet.  I just can't get some of the goofy things he's said and done in the past - and his penchant for coming up with new ways for the government to control our lives when a "need" arises - out of my mind.

But this may force my hand:

The New York Times this morning has gone completely batshit over Newt's win in South Carolina.

See "South Carolina’s Divisive Message." And be amused.

South Carolinians are all racists.

They're all extremists.

They're "very conservative."




I can see the really non-divisive, non-extremist Obama lovers at the New York Times struggling with insomnia, incontinence and erectile dysfunction (male and female staffers alike, ahem) about now.

That alone makes the Newt candidacy alluring.

Not alluring enough.  But tempting to be sure.