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Sunday, January 15, 2012

NY Times Shocked!

To think, there's religious bigotry directed toward women out there.  Stonings, beatings, rapes, genital mutilations, ritual murders, physical disfigurement ...

Oh, wait.  That's the Muslim world.

The New York Times could give two squirts about the plight of Muslim women around the world.

No, the New York Times is worked up this morning over the fact that a Jewish woman wasn't allowed on stage recently to receive an award for her research on hereditary diseases.

Israelis Facing a Seismic Rift Over Role of Women

Oh, the humanity.

For what it's worth, Katya Koren wasn't able to be on stage that day either. But she wasn't prevented from participating in the awards ceremony because of those heartless Jews who wanted to keep the sexes apart from one another. She was stoned to death by Muslim youth in her village because she had committed the unpardonable sin in the eyes of Allah of participating in a local beauty pageant.

And no, you won't find that story in the New York Times.

Where's the rational sense of proportion, fellas?