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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Obama & Kaine. One & The Same.'

Sounds like the perfect chant to come up at the next Kaine snoozefest when he sneaks back into Southwest Virginia, eh?

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

And how about some devastating video to go along with that chant?

The experts tell us the race between this joker and George Allen is too close to call. I know that there are a lot of government employees in this state, and a lot of leeches who depend on a government check for their livelihood, giving both groups personal incentives for reelecting the spender-of-taxpayer-money-in-chief and to elect his bosom buddy here in the Commonwealth. But really?