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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the Oscar Nominees

Okay, I'm no authority.  I haven't seen most of the flicks that were nominated for Academy Awards and don't recognize half the names put forward for Academy honors.  In fact, based on what I've read, I'll probably never watch most of the movies that Hollywood considers its best of 2011 (a foreign silent film and not in color?  Are they kidding?).

But I will say this: Regarding the movie, "Bridesmaids," which I watched on DVD, I found it boring to the point of suicidal inclinations, except for one redeeming quality.  Someone had the good sense to cast Melissa McCarthy. She was fabulous. In an otherwise unequivocally abominable pile of poop.

No, I won't be paying to see the movies and I won't be watching the Oscar self-love fest.

Speaking of which, did you catch Obama's speech last night?

Well, I chose to not watch that smelly pile of poop either.

- - -

I should mention this also: Demián Bichir deserves recognition in his work in "A Better Life," another great flick.