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Monday, January 02, 2012

The Other Issue

I remember a quote that went something like this:

"It's far better to keep quiet during an argument and have everybody think you're an idiot than it is to open your mouth and eliminate all doubt."

Mark Twain maybe?


There is a good deal of buzz in the weblog world this morning over the fact that some feminist (who feels so strong about her convictions that she writes under a pseudonym - ahem) has had all she can take of Barack Obama.

See "Taylor Marsh throws in the towel on Obama."


I'm less interested in this character's loss of faith in her man than I am in the fact that she can't put a constructive thought to paper. Read her sentence constructions carefully and you'll see what I mean. (A sampling: "...I no longer feel the urgency to support a political party who [that] has threatened dire consequences if I don’t vote for them [it]." "... Pres. Obama has also chosen to short-change women again and again on our freedoms, starting in the health care bill, then by executive order that empowered conservatives of both parties, and finally by making the decision on Plan B that would have come from Mitt Romney, too" [say that again?].

So we care about this illiterate person's unintelligible musings why?