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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Politico Sees What It Wants To See

You've all seen the AP photo by now:

That's Arizona Governor Jan Brewer giving President Obama an earful after she met him at the airport, welcomed him to Arizona, only to have him go off on a tangent into some problem he had with a book she had written in the past, and about the way he was portrayed in it.

A book.  On the airport tarmac.

Thin skin?

Anyway, if you're like most of us, you see in this photo a woman letting the guy have it with both barrels.

But not the Obamabots at Politico.  Here's how they see the interaction taking place (in "Obama's tarmac tiff with Jan Brewer: The president fights back"):
President Barack Obama’s three-day trip won’t be remembered for his talk here on rising college tuition costs. Or for his flogging of clean energy proposals in Nevada and manufacturing tax breaks in Iowa.

No, the enduring image of his tour through five key states this week will be Obama confronting Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer over months-old insults from her book, his dismissive mien facing down her French-manicured fingertip.

It was a tarmac tiff that lasted no more than a minute but encapsulated the president’s mood of the moment: fed up with the GOP.
Are you seeing a president "fed up with the GOP" in that photo? Or are you seeing a small woman doing a little in-your-face to a guy who should have kept his hurt feelings to himself?

No sane person can view the altercation the way this "reporter" does. But then the people who write for Politico aren't particularly sane. Blindly loyal to their man, but not sane. Jan Brewer does not back down when the president attempts to intimidate her. End of story.

You people at Politico really should be ashamed of yourselves.