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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's good government vs. the unions.  And the outcome is in doubt.

But, as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will tell you, it's a fight that needs to be fought:
Big Labor's Wisconsin Vendetta
Walker's reforms are saving money, which unions cannot forgive.
Wall Street Journal

They swore revenge for his offenses, and last week Wisconsin Democrats delivered what they say are a million signatures for the recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker. If they do make the ballot and cause a recall vote as early as this spring, they'll have to campaign against reforms that have already saved taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and rescued the state from a budget crisis. Game on.

Since last summer, unions have fired every weapon in their arsenal at Mr. Walker and state senators who voted for his collective-bargaining reforms for government workers. Union members must now contribute a very reasonable 5.8% of salary toward pensions and 12.6% toward health insurance, and unions must collect dues from members, rather than having it done by the government. In their pique, Big Labor waged and lost a bitter fight over the election of a state Supreme Court Justice and spent millions trying to recall Republican state senators.

Those efforts mostly failed and the GOP retained its majority, but the unions feel about Mr. Walker the way Cato the Elder felt about Carthage: Walker delenda est, Scott Walker must be destroyed. Last year state senator Spencer Coggs called Mr. Walker's plan "legalized slavery" while others predicted disaster for school districts and public services.

It's not turning out that way: The Apocalypse has not arrived for services, and Mr. Walker was able to balance the state budget without new taxes or looming deficits.

Some of the most significant results have come in local school districts, where school boards and governments have been able to use the public-union reforms to reduce budget shortfalls. In districts like Wauwatosa, Racine, LaCrosse and Eau Claire, the changes in health and pension contributions prevented layoffs that were expected to be widespread and in some cases allowed the boards not to fire a single teacher. [link]
Scott Walker represents good government. Something about which union bosses couldn't care less. They want their cash. The people be damned. Here's to Mr. Walker for looking out for the little guy.