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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T-Shirts Don't Lie

I received this via email this morning.  Thought it was interesting:
Barack Obama has finally overtaken Ron Paul on CafePress.com.

As you may know, CafePress.com is an e-commerce platform that powers user-designed merchandise. CafePress has been tracking 2012 election presidential candidate support via the 2012 Meter graph. With an average of over 137,000 new designs uploaded every week, it’s no surprise many of them are political in nature. As a result, CafePress is often seen as a Cultural Barometer®, making their political product sales relevant and interesting. The Meter graphs track merchandise sales trends for each presidential candidate, and through such trends, successfully predicted Barack Obama’s victory in 2008.

Since The Meter poll launched in November, Ron Paul has held the top spot in product sales (e.g., t-shirts, etc.) each week in a commanding fashion—a testament to his loyal supporters, as they’ve been able to counter surges from the rest of the Republican field, as well as the incumbent, President Barack Obama. However, following Obama’s SOTU speech, Paul has finally fallen to 2nd place, demonstrating a sudden and significant surge in Obama support.

Obama-tagged items lead Paul-tagged items, 46% to 33%. A week prior, Obama was in 3rd place, with 12%, behind Paul’s 66% and Mitt Romney’s 13%. This is a stunning shift in sales, and could represent a rebound for the embattled Obama. It seems like the State of the Union really rallied his supporters.

To further this point, pro-Obama sales have witnessed a massive uptick. After seeing anti-Obama-tagged items outpace pro a week ago, 74% to 26%, pro-Obama items have rallied to put up a 45% mark, compared to 55% anti. That’s a huge jump in just one week. Talk about a bounce back in support and sales!

Other interesting election-related tidbits from The Meter include:

● With the Florida primary a day away, Newt Gingrich-tagged items have surged in sales. Gingrich-tagged items edged out Romney-tagged items this past week—10% to 9%.

● The week prior, Romney led Gingrich 13% to 6%. While Romney seems to lead in Florida, the uptick in Gingrich’s sales showcases the rise in support he has encountered following his big win in South Carolina.
We know the polls. They've told us that Obama's State of the Union speech did nothing for his approval rating. T-shirt sales say otherwise.

Who to believe? Who to believe?