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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Taking The Criticism Too Far

A question: When was the last time the United States Department of Defense truly focused on the defense of the United States of America?

Answer: 1943.

Since then, after crushing Germany, Italy, and Japan, we've come to the defense of South Korea, West Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Greece, Palestine, South Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, Haiti, Thailand, Cuba (sorta), Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan ... (let me come up for air) and I've probably missed several more.

But defense of our shores?  Our homeland?

Not in my lifetime.

So Obama proposes that we settle into more of a defensive posture and less of an "international policeman" stance. At a time when we as a nation (thanks in no small part to him) are flat broke.

A good idea whose time has come, considering the circumstances.

And, in response, he gets this:

Obama's white flag on national security: 'Yes, our military will be leaner'


Yeah, I know the argument that makes the point that, in protecting Korea and Afghanistan and Pakistan, we protect ourselves.

Here's my position: Hunting down terrorists is one thing.  Bolstering the economy of Berlin or Okinawa is another.  I don't trust our president to do the right thing any more than the next guy, but it's time our Defense department focused on Defense.  And not on shaping the world as we'd like to see it shaped.

Some will argue that bad things will happen if we start backing away from our role as "superpower."  Well, we could argue, what with 15 trillion dollars in national debt, just how "super" we are, but more importantly, in what year - even with our efforts to make "world peace" - has the world been at peace?

Obama is right.  Now let's hope he doesn't screw it up.