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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Truth Will Out

We've spent a lot of time in recent years focusing on those wildly inaccurate computer models that "climate scientists" used to predict future planetary temperature changes.  Incredibly inaccurate.

What we didn't spend much time on, though, was the accuracy - or lack thereof - of past data and analysis.

Maybe we should.

Remember that second wave of purloined emails that came out of the East Anglia "climate change" scandal?  It includes this very revealing admission from one David Rind, PhD, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Email number 4133:
Concerning the hockey stick (which took up probably 3/4 of the review pages!): what Mike Mann continually fails to understand, and no amount of references will solve, is that there is practically no reliable tropical data for most of the time period, and without knowing the tropical sensitivity, we have no way of knowing how cold (or warm) the globe actually got ... It cannot be reconstructed with any confidence ...
In other words, they don't know and have no way of knowing - with any degree of accuracy - what past global temperatures were.

No matter. They just guessed. And, having guessed, they then went about predicting the future based on past ... guesses.

Should we be laughing at these jokers about now?

Or locking their asses up in prison?