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- Abraham Lincoln -

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Union Organizers Are Not All That Bright

From the Washington Examiner's "Dim Bulb" segment this morning:
SEIU organizers Todd Stoner and Clarence Haynes

Who: SEIU organizers Todd Stoner and Clarence Haynes

What: The two men -- from New Jersey and Florida, respectively -- allegedly registered to vote in Wisconsin using their hotel address and then voted in the state's closely watched April 5 Supreme Court election.

Why it's dim: The Milwaukee District Attorney's Office has issued a search warrant [sic] for the two union activists and one other man.

Cure: According to Wisconsin law, the cure is $10,000 each and up to 42 months in prison, provided the allegations are true. [link]
Who knows, maybe they figured there was no way they'd be punished by a sympathetic government.