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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Unseemly Turn of Events

Republicans attacking one of their own for (allegedly) acting too much like a businessman and not enough like ... Barack Obama.  My, oh, my.  What has this primary come to?


"If Romney’s opponents embrace the rhetoric and class warfare of the Occupy Wall Street crowd any closer, they’re going to start pooping on police cars."

Jon Huntsman embarrasses us all with his stupid comment about Mitt Romney ("Governor Romney enjoys firing people. I enjoy creating jobs."  Jobs he's never been in a position to create). Newt Gingrich, who knows better, just embarrasses himself.

These guys are better than this. They are better than this.

- - -

* This issue will dog Romney in the coming months.  It will be telling just how he responds to attacks coming from Democrats.  If I were he I'd aggressively attack those who think firing underperforming employees is a bad notion.  Bad?  Bad for whom?  How many companies have gone under over the years because they were awash in lousy people making poor decisions?  How many innocent - competent - people lost their jobs because of the destructive influence of a few morons?  Firing is a necessary - and healthy - part of doing business.  Don't like it?  Get a job with the government, where incompetence is accepted as being the norm.

** For what it's worth, I sat down with an underling the other day and laid it on the line, saying, "There are a thousand people out there wanting your job.  It's time you decide if you want it."

Think about it.  Who deserves that job more?