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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Virginians Defending Their 'Castles'

There are many parts of America - particularly in inner city locales - especially in places like Philadelphia and Chicago - that are unsafe for human habitation these days. Lawlessness reigns. And people fear for their lives.

Not so much here in Virginia, though, where the law extends to the right of a person to defend his home and his loved ones, at all costs. Thus:
Victims fighting back with firearms

Hampton Roads, Va. (WAVY) - In the past few weeks, several victims in Hampton Roads have shot their attackers in an effort to protect themselves.

Just last week, a clerk at a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven shot a teenage boy who was allegedly trying to rob the store.

Blake Richardson later showed up at an area hospital later [sic] with a gunshot wound.

[T]here have been three incidents in the last 11 days of private citizens in Hampton Roads shooting alleged robber [sic] ...

Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant said, "I think a lot of people have armed themselves to protect themselves. Ah, the law has also provided protections for people in their homes."

A little more than a week ago, a man in Virginia Beach shot an intruder in his home and no charges were filed.

"If a person comes in with a deadly weapon in an aggressive manner, most people are gonna feel like they're in fear of serious bodily harm and the law entitles them to protect themself with deadly force," Harvey explained. [link]
A right we intend to defend at all costs.

"The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence, as for his repose.
-- Edward Coke, English jurist --

* "Freedom From Fear" painting by Norman Rockwell, 1943