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Monday, January 16, 2012

Where Were The Packers?

Football (along with sports in general) is such an odd phenomenon.  Take the the Green Bay Packers (please ...).  Arguably the best team the NFL has produced in decades, the team that Vince Lombardi built played last night like every member of the team wanted to be at home watching the Golden Globes. Or somewhere. Anywhere other than there defending their national championship. (See "Giants stun packers with 37-20 win to advance to NFC championship game.")

Some will say the two-week layoff made the players flat.  The coach will say it was all his fault because he didn't have his team ready to play.  Whatever.

Whatever the reason, The Green Bay Packers - to a man - didn't have that fire in the belly last night.  And the score told the story.

Odd how sports plays out like that.