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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Do They Hate Tim Tebow?

According to Michael Medved, it's because the man who wears his religious faith on his sleeve is perceived as having no physical or emotional flaws.  And that drives some people - people with a whole lot of baggage of their own to carry around - nuts.

Me?  I've always been fascinated by those individuals out there who reject the notion that God exists and walks among us.  The atheists simply know better.  The "reality-based" segment of society.  Those who hold themselves up as being a whole lot smarter than the rest of us.  But are they smarter?

I can understand how they might be skeptical of the existence of a higher being.  Faith in God is something that is either within us or ... isn't.

But lacking faith is a far cry from outright rejection of the possibility that God exists.  I often want to ask these really smart people, how do you know there is no God?  How do you know?  What makes you certain?

Agnosticism I can grasp.  Atheism is in a whole 'nuther universe.

Maybe those who hate Tim Tebow aren't as sure about that non-existent God as they profess?