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- Abraham Lincoln -

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why You Can't Debate Liberals

They are, in a word, blockheads.

Take Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey for instance (please).

In his latest exercise in byte-waste (see "There's no good future in unsustainable practices"), he goes after the Roanoke Tea Party.


Because the Roanoke Tea Party - as a collective - sees no good in Roanoke County's participation (at an annual cost of $1200?) in a bosomy international kumbaya society that goes by the acronym ICLEI.

So why is the Tea Party wrong for opposing ICLEI?

Here's Casey's reasoning:

ICLEI is for "sustainability." ► ► ► The Tea Party opposes ICLEI. ► ► ► Therefore the Tea Party opposes sustainability. ► ► ► Therefore the Tea Party stands for "unsustainability." ► ► ► And who is for unsustainability?


How do you even argue that?

Who would even want to?

You'd be better off arguing with a potted plant.