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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ya Gotta Give Newt Credit

Okay, Newt's ... neutering of CNN talker John King was fun to watch.  But the smile that arose on my face - and just wouldn't depart - didn't really come about because ol' Newt let a holier-than-thou member of the mainstream press have it with both barrels.  It was because Gingrich's response to the question about his cheating on his wife-of-many-years-ago that was bound to come up was ... masterful.  Simpy genius.

Not because Newt even answered the question well.  Or that King necessarily deserved the spanking.  But because The Newtster was able to so adroitly deflect the question and take it to the inquisitor.

And the audience only made it that much finer.

As for the question itself, I think it was worth asking - and is still worth exploring - but not in a presidential debate, for God's sake.  King deserved to be admonished for that.  Questions that should have been asked of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama should, as well, be asked about Newt Gingrich.  What's good for the goose ...

In reality, the issue isn't going to go away.  The media will continue to hound Gingrich as long as he stays in the race.  And Newt will be there givin' it right back at them.

Not all that enlightening.  But was it ever entertaining.

* Newt says the allegations made by his ex-wife are "false."  Now that's bold.  Or suicidal.  I wonder if we'll ever find out the truth.