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Friday, January 27, 2012

You Can Believe Obama Or ...

... you can accept the truth.

He wanted you to believe the other night in his State of the Union address that his administration was making great strides in pioneering new technologies that will eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.

In truth?  He's flushing our hard-earned income down the rat hole.  And enriching hios donor friends in the process.

Two headlines in today's news say it all:

Electric-Car Firm That Received Biden Visit and $118M in Stimulus Funds Files for Bankruptcy

Stimulus-Backed ‘Green’ Bankruptcy of the Week: Ener1

Millions wasted. Hundreds of millions more yet to be announced.

And Obama wants you to believe his giving your money to his "green" pals is a resounding success.

Decide for yourself.  Before November.