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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Reason Never To Donate To United Way

This story came and went a few weeks ago.  Little notice.  No fanfare.  No big whoop. On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, more than 400 people attended United Way of Roanoke Valley’s annual campaign awards celebration at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.

No big deal. Big charity honoring its big donors.

And it came with the usual lofty pronouncements: "This year marks the beginning of United Way of Roanoke Valley’s new strategic direction to advance the common good in the community by focusing on Education, Income and Health, which are the building blocks of a good life for all."


But wait.  Let's talk about that "good life for all."

Does that include a good life for all those children who were close - ever so close - to entering this world but were aborted beforehand?


Why do I say that?

Guess who chaired the 2011 United Way of of Roanoke Valley fund drive.

Debbie Meade, President and Publisher of the Roanoke Times.

And guess what Debbie Meade does - or did - in her spare time.

She chaired the board of Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge, what later became part of an affiliate of the planet's Number One abortion mill, an affiliate that now goes by the name Planned Parenthood Health System.

So she chaired the United Way's fund drive and she chaired Planned Parenthood.

Oh, and there's this: Guess what organization donates big bucks to the United Way of Roanoke Valley?

Planned Parenthood.  60,500 smackers.

Planned Parenthood, once run by Debbie Meade, donates to the United Way fund drive, run by Debbie Meade.

A question: Is there a story there?

Apparently not.

I did a search of the Roanoke Times and found - oddly - not a word.

Oh.  Wait.  Who runs the Roanoke Times?

Debbie Meade.

Maybe the reticence on the part of Times ... journalists ... to cover this story isn't so odd.  Job security trumps all else, right?

Or maybe it's too much to expect the newspaper run by Debbie Meade to report on the abortion clinic once  run by Debbie Meade donating huge sums of money to a fund drive headed up by Debbie Meade.

Oh, but don't think for a minute that the Roanoke Times shies away from the overriding issue here.  That being abortion.  It's just avoided on the news pages.  But on the editorial page?

In today's paper:

A worrisome assault on reproductive rights

You see, the boys and girls on the editorial board know how to keep their jobs too.

A few questions arise:  Did Debbie Meade write the opinion piece for the soldiers in the ranks?  Did Planned Parenthood write it for her for them?  Did United Way write it for them for her for them?

You decide.

Connect the dots and ... decide.

Bottom line: Know where your donations to United Way are going.  Possibly to an editorial page near you.

At minimum this is all unseemly.

At most?  Shame on all of you.

* Let it be noted that I made the decision to stop donating to United Way in the late nineties when various affiliates decided to quit donating to the Boy Scouts of America.  They made their choice; I made mine.

** So you know, Planned Parenthood Health System is a partner to the United Way of the Roanoke Valley.  Donate accordingly.