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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Rick: Don't Go There

It makes good sense - I being the preeminent presidential campaign strategist - for contender Rick Santorum to be concentrating on social issues as the Republican primaries work through themselves.  Guns, God, Gays.  Votes.

But there's a fine line in going down that strategic road.  Cross that line and he does himself long-term harm.

This - as a good example - crosses that line:

Santorum: Birth control ‘harmful to women’

Yes, it was something that he said six years ago.  But it's the sort of pronouncement that will linger in the minds of the tens of millions of women in this country - many of whom used some form of birth control decades ago without negative effects arising - who chose to use contraception, and consider it a wise decision to have done so.

Jerry to Rick: Make the general election against Obama about birth control (or the church or homosexuality or even guns) and you lose to the incumbent.

Jobs, man.  Jobs.  The disastrous economy (don't let them fool you; it's awful and getting worse). Be the man with the plan to turn this country around and you can beat Mr. Clueless.  Open your mouth after August and say anything about how birth control is harmful to women and they are going to beat you - over the head with it.

Helpful advice.

Free of charge.

Birth control is harmful to women.  For the love of God, Rick.