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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Democrats Plot To Shut Virginia Down

Why do I read things like this and envision Senate Democratic Leader Richard Saslaw gathering up his fellow liberals in a Chrysler minivan (through diligent efforts on their part to turn off the electorate here in the Commonwealth, after the last election they can all now fit in one) and run off to Maryland - with shades of Wisconsin - refusing to return and do that which we pay them to do.

From the RPV:
Senate Democrats to Hold Budget Hostage

It's all about power. And that's all it's ever been about.

From their massive gerrymander of new Senate districts last year, to their frivolous lawsuit to keep Lt. Governor Bill Bolling from breaking ties, Senate Democrats have been fighting for one thing for the past two years:

Power. Their Power.
In the form of committee assignments.

Minority Leader Dick Saslaw has been dropping hints about this all weekend.

From the Washington Times:

"However,Senate Democratic Leader Richard L. Saslaw Fairfax Democrat, said the negotiation process is far from over.

"'There's just some things that we've got to work out,' he said. "There's a lot of stumbling blocks along the way. It's called the political process."

From the Roanoke Times:

"'Absent zero changing, there probably won't be a Senate budget,' Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw, D-Fairfax County, said after the vote, declining to say what concessions his party wants."

But the Democrats whispering in Jeff Schapiro's ear aren't mincing words. They say either they get their way on committee assignments, or no budget.


From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

"[A budget impasse] can be avoided, Democrats say, if [Majority Leader] and his caucus agree to changes in committee memberships and, possibly, chairmanships."

Democrats refusing to pass a budget? Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, Sen. Harry Reid, majority leader of the U.S. Senate, which hasn't passed a budget in more than 1,000 days.

"We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year - it's done, we don't need to do it," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters on Friday.

Senate Democrats: Bring the tactics of U.S. Senate Democrats home to D.C.
Absolutely disgraceful.

Remember this: Saslaw and his fellow Democrats work for you.  Are you willing to put up with this?

Isn't it time to throw the rest of the bums out?