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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Global Warmists Are Lashing Out

Their belief system has been wrecked.  Everything they staked their reputations on has been exposed as being a sham.  They're reeling.  Disoriented.   Perplexed.  Preoccupied. And pissed.

And so they launch vicious, indiscriminate, ridiculous attacks:
LAT Editorial: Climate Skeptics Want Teachers to 'Lie ... in the Classroom'
By Tom Blumer, NewsBusters

On Monday, the editorial board at the Los Angeles Times was so mad that they fell victim to a corollary of Godwin's Law (he who mentions Hitler or the Nazis has automatically lost the argument) by the third paragraph.

What has them so upset? The very idea that K-12 classroom instruction might not teach human-caused global warming and the need for massive and radical government intervention in the marketplace to deal with it as established, irrefutable facts. In their fever-swamp view, the battle is between "credentialed climatologists around the globe" and "fossil-fuel-industry-funded 'experts.'" The editorial's language is so over at the top it makes one legitimately wonder how anyone who doesn't toe the line on climate change can remain employed anywhere at the Times.

What the Times editorialists really want is for the opinions of the hordes of credentialed skeptics, including sixteen highly respected scientists who have written two op-eds which have appeared in the Wall Street Journal this year (today's is here) to be kept out of the classrooms.

Remember this brainwashing advocacy the next time anyone associated with the Times tells us that what the education system should be doing is teaching "critical thinking." It's obvious that they don't really believe that. What they want is for their lies to be the only thing children hear and learn the classroom. [link]
Remember, a few years ago, when Al Gores' epic drama, "An Inconvenient Truth," was being shown in classrooms around the world? Now that much of that which Gore presented as fact has turned out to be fiction, would the really smart people at the Times be opposed to its showing in schools in the future?

Here's the deal: The editorialists at the Los Angeles Times have lost their minds.

Because they're losing the debate.

And so they rant.

And it ain't pretty.

Amusing. But not pretty.