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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Was Once My Favorite Show On Television

Now I choose not to even turn to it.  Because ...

‘Glee’ Serves up Bible Mockery, Gay Propaganda for Valentine’s Day

Paula tuned in to watch this disgraceful episode (she likes the singing; so do I) while I was sitting at my computer on the other side of the room as the Christian-bashing and over-the-top homosexual lifestyle promotion kicked in.

I could only stomach so much of it before I got up and walked out of the room.  And Paula mentioned afterward that the show had gone off the cliff with the whole gay thing.

The producers of "Glee" think it their duty - they being our betters - to teach us neanderthals something.  I'll bet, however, their advertising support comes from businessmen and women who would like for their duty to be more concentrated on gaining viewership.

Too bad for them.

Those who propagandize on "Glee" can do whatever they want.  I'll not stop them.  But, like their Hollywood buddies who made all those anti-Bush/anti-Iraq War movies that nobody went to see, they will ultimately regret their decision to denigrate most of the potential viewing audience out here in America.

Alas.  It was once such a wonderful series.  And now it's no better than the worst of them.

Way to go, geniuses:
Glum Ratings Trend for ‘Glee’ as It Heads Into Season Finale
By Bill Carter, New York Times

If Fox executives weren’t asking the question before, they ought to be now: Should we be worried about “Glee”?

Just one week short of its season finale, the onetime blockbuster music show hit its second-lowest rating Tuesday night, fueling speculation that the series, which burned so hot, so fast, is cooling down almost as quickly.

The actual rating for the show — a 2.8 among the 18- to 49-year-old viewers, which Fox defines as a success because of advertiser preference for that group — is not bad in the context of most network shows, especially those that play at 8 p.m. Rather, it is the trend that is alarming for the series. Two weeks ago, the show averaged a 3.7 rating. Last week, it averaged a 3.3.

That amounts to a decline of 24 percent in two weeks, a sign that viewers are quitting the series, even as it wraps up its season. In most cases, shows that face that kind of sharp drop-off do not recover. And “Glee” is already facing a transition, with much of its original cast, including one of its biggest stars, Lea Michele, preparing to graduate and thus move on from the show’s high school setting. [link]
What's the message here?

The producers of "Glee" can show their open disdain for us out here in flyover country. They can call us names and chastise us for that which we believe.

But what they can't do is expect us to pay them for their ridicule and condescension.

Want to talk bad about us? Do so in the unemployment line, smart guy.

* This is all so sad. In the short time that I watched this last episode, I was able to see actress Amber Riley belt out a classic Whitney Houston song ("I Will Always Love You") and couldn't tell that it wasn't Houston herself singing it.   It was that wonderful