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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jimmy Carter, Clueless As Ever

He didn't gain status as the worst president in American history easily.  He worked at it.  And succeeded.  So, even though he may be in retirement these days, take his pronouncements to heart.  And continue to believe the opposite of whatever dribbles out of Jimmy Carter's mouth.

Speaking of which ...
Jimmy Carter casts Occupy movement as successful 
By Greg Bluestein, Associated Press

Atlanta (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter said on Wednesday that Occupy organizers have created a "relatively successful" movement because they focused national discussion on wealth disparity despite lacking leadership and a unifying set of goals.

The Georgia Democrat said at an event in Atlanta that Occupy organizers have succeeded in forcing the media and Congress to realize the "chasm is getting greater than leaps and bounds" between the rich and the poor.

"It's been relatively successful even acknowledging there's no leadership, there's no coherence and there's no single list of issues they want to succeed," the former president said of the movement started late last year in lower Manhattan to decry corporate influence in government and wealth inequality. [link]
As usual there are a few things the old dude left out. And a few others that he got wrong.

When Carter says the left-wing "occupy" movement - such as it was - was a success because it got the attention of the media and Congress, he means it got the attention of the left-wing media and left-wing members of Congress.  Rabid leftists who went all orgasmic over the clueless, hapless, directionless losers who sat on their asses in Zucotti Park in Manhattan day after day and whined that not enough was being handed to them in order for them to survive.

And, odd, Carter left out We the People, who thought the whole thing - when not a snooze fest - was highly entertaining, watching the "Survivor Wall Street" antics of the derelicts and malcontents who made up the "movement."  Widescreen TV, popcorn and brewskies were the order of the day.

"Occupy" was a success.  So is "Jersey Shore."  That's that.

So Jimmy Carter is as blind to reality as he's ever been. I take comfort in knowing some things in this country haven't changed.