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Friday, February 10, 2012

Liberals Are Like Circus Clowns

It's fun to watch them jumping through hoops these days.

Hey, remember Guantanamo?  That bastion of evil that warehouses all malevolence known to humankind?

Remember how incensed the liberals in this country were - not long ago - that George W. Bush kept it open for the purpose of torturing those potential innocents who were never given a day in court?

Don't remember that?

Neither do they.  See "Poll: liberals now just fine and dandy with Guantanamo."

That would be a poll conducted by the Obama sycophants at the Washington Post, by the way.

Is that precious or what?

But it gets better.  You know that rabidly liberal editorial page editor of the New York Times?  The one who spouts the party line no matter what?  Well, you might wonder how he legitimately maintains his expressed opposition to the detention of enemy combatants at Guantanamo and, at the same time, shows support for his fellow lefties who now are just peachy with Bush's torture chamber.

By God, he does it.  Though you're not going to believe it.  From his editorial yesterday, "Hurray for Guantanamo Bay,":

"Before expressing shock and dismay, let me clear something up. Mr. Obama never really made a “decision” to keep the prison open. He failed to follow through on the announcement that he would close it, and then let himself get rolled by Congressional Republicans when members of his administration tried to keep the promise."

Obama did not not decide to close the prison.  He just made the decision to not make a decision to close it.

An explanation that was led by "let me clear something up."


I don't know.  You'd think someone who's paid to write cogent horse shit in what once was a very influential newspaper could have come up with something weightier than that.

My. My.  How these clowns do exercise themselves in their tireless effort to keep that lipstick on Obama's pig.