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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not At Any Price

Earth To Obama: You can give a Chevy Volt to every customer free with each purchase of a six pack of Bud and they ain't gonna take it.

A $10,000 rebate on a $40,000 car that better serves as a boat anchor that requires an eight hour battery charge for every twenty minute trip to the grocery?

You see FOOL written on the American consumer's face?

- - -

Bottom line: "So, doing the math, we're talking about a $10 billion dollar 'incentive' to get people to buy the Chevy Volt and similar vehicles. Can people be bribed to buy Government Motors' electric car? Even with the $7,500 rebate for each buyer, Chevy sold only 7,671 Volts in 2011."

Ain't gonna happen, dude.