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Friday, February 17, 2012

Obama's Time Is Up

Cast aside the talk about contraceptives and whether Republicans are mean-spirited for not demanding that churches pay for them.  Forget all the other diversions that Obama and his ilk are throwing up to keep the discussion from turning back to the most critical issue facing America today.

Keep the focus on JOBS.

The ones that our president promised to deliver.

The ones that never came.

In keeping with the topic at hand, on the third anniversary of "the stimulus" being signed into law, here's "3 Years is Up, Mr. President. We Can't Afford Another 4."

His followers are now claiming that Obama had no idea how bad the economy was in 2008 and that is why it has taken longer than expected to turn things around.

A more damning indictment there never was.

He told us then that he was the man who was on top of it and could fix it. Now he says he was unaware. We're to trust him in the future when he says he's going to fix it ... again?

The guy has had his chance. He failed. Time to get out of our hair so that we can find someone who can actually do that which Obama promised.