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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Romney's Problem

Well, one of his many problems (not least of which is his record as executive officer of the state of Massachusetts).

Let's face it, he's too much like Michael Dukakis.

Policy positions aside, promises aside, track record aside - and this should seem so trivial yet it isn't - the man is too stiff, too formal, too businesslike, too straight (in the classic sense), too unneighbourly.

Not to the point of being awkward or scowling in public, like that godawful John Kerry from the distant past ...

... but like that other former Massachusetts Governor who seemed to never be of a wont to let his hair down and give America a great big hug.  A guy who never connected with the American people.

In a different world, it shouldn't make any difference the fact that Romney comes across as being cool and stand-offish.  But as President loser Dukakis will tell you - in his weaker moments - it makes a whole lot of difference.

James Buchanan could get away with it.

Only because the TV cameras weren't capturing his every movement.

Today you have to be The Gipper.  Or something of a soap opera sex slinger.

Or half-black ...

Romney?  I'd gladly work for him.  But would I invite him over for beers and yucks?

It shouldn't make a difference.  But it does.