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Monday, February 06, 2012


OK.  Here's my take on Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show:  It was the best I've ever seen.  Which isn't saying much since most football halftime shows are godawful.  But hers was superb.

That having been said, Madonna showed herself to be every bit of 53 years old.  Where once, long ago, she danced, last night she ... sorta bounced.  Or strutted.  At times she staggered.  The plain truth? Her days of raunch are over.  (At one point, I swear it looked like she was having trouble getting up off the stage floor.)

Yeah, we all get old.

But we don't all pretend to be 20 years old and ... like a virgin ... either.

Here's to her performance.  Now get thee to the nightclub before you pull something.