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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Virginia Moves One Step Closer

The law was goofy from the git-go.  Thus:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. Senate backs bill to repeal one-gun-a-month

A law that was passed (by Democrats, ahem) and signed by a (ditto) that restricted the freedom of 8,096,604 citizens of the Commonwealth so as to inconvenience a half-dozen badass gangbangers from New York City was the foolishest idea ever to make it into the law books.

It's soon to be history.

There's hope for humankind yet.

* Okay, non-adults are included in that 8,096,604 figure, which makes it a distortion since they aren't allowed to purchase firearms anyway. But it also makes for an impressive number, so i went with it. Shoot me.
** I know made up a few words.  But it was fun.