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Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Good Ideas Go Off The Rails

A question for my conservative friends:  Is this really a good idea?

House passes ... abortion ultrasound bill.

"The House of Delegates has passed [a bill] that ... require[s] a pregnant woman to submit to an ultrasound before an abortion, punctuating the first half of a legislative session that has been marked by heated debates over divisive social issues."

You guys remember ObamaCare?  Remember those despised mandates?

Planned Parenthood would do a prospective "client" a favor (if counseling her on a life-altering decision is more important to the nation's leading abortion mill than making a buck is, ahem) by showing her what that lump of thing is inside her womb that's about to be aborted.

But the government forcing doctors practitioners to perform that kind of procedure sounds like something Vladimir Ilyich Obama would get his jollies supporting.

Think, fellas.  Think.  Think about what you are doing.