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Thursday, February 16, 2012

When These Guys Talk, I Listen

I don't have any major bone to pick with the NRA (except at election time, but we'll not go there today).  The fine folks within the National Rifle Association do yeoman's work in protecting the rights of gun owners in this country - particularly in Congress, where it's most important - and they are very effective at what they do.  Here's to 'em.

But they can sometimes be too close to the action.  Their message too ... fashioned ... to be totally trusted.

So when it comes to gun issues that impact my right to keep and bear arms here in Virginia, I put more faith in the good patriots at the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  Radical bastards all.  That's why I love 'em.

And when I get an email from one of its members warning me that the VCDL "strongly opposes" the "Castle Doctrine" bills pending in the state legislature (actually one of them is no longer pending; it was defeated in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee yesterday), my ears go up.

For "strongly oppose" they do.

Here are the two bills cited: HB 14 and HB 48.

It seems the opposition has arisen as a result of the language in the two bills allowing for potential mischief to occur in the future in courts around the Commonwealth should a liberal judge take the legislation as written and use it for the nefarious purpose of restricting other freedoms that We the People work tirelessly to defend.

That concern is duly noted.

I've written to my delegate and senator to get their responses to that concern.  You might do the same.

As often happens with the law, unintended consequences sometimes result.  We don't be needin' that.

Your takeaway?  Be vigilant.  There are desperate liberals out there wanting to do you harm.