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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

'You Can Lead a Horse To Water ...'

No matter how much of our money Obama throws at this thing the American consumer is not going to buy it.  The latest "green" company to learn that harsh truth:
Fisker Auto Announces Layoffs; Requests Expedited Access to Full Dept. of Energy Loan Guarantee
By Doug Powers

Fisker Automotive, which was granted a $529 million US Dept. of Energy loan guarantee and then announced they would assemble the first line of cars in Finland, has announced layoffs at a Delaware plant that has yet to produce a single car:

The company says 26 Fisker employees have been let go from the Delaware factory where renowned automotive engineer Henrik Fisker promised to one day begin producing affordable electric sedans. A Delaware newspaper also reported that subcontractors working on the car venture have been let go.

“It’s temporary,” said Roger Ormisher, a company spokesman. “We’re being prudent and sensible as a company.” [link]
"Prudent and sensible."

If that were the case the company wouldn't be depending on government welfare for survival.

But as long as Obama has his hands on our checkbook ...