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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Can Run But ...

It's no big secret that liberals in this country - where they can - are taxing the stuffing out of "the rich."

So how do the rich respond?

They move.

See "California's high-income taxpayers dropped sharply" as a result of progressive taxation that now smacks of invidia-run-amok.

Texas, here we come.

On the national level, see "More (Wealthy) Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship."

See "Rich Americans Are Fleeing the Country."

What are the liberals going to do, you might ask at this point, when there are no rich people left to tax?

Easy.  They hunt them down wherever they've hidden.

See "Obama Economic Adviser: ‘We Need a Global Minimum Tax’."

They'll never stop.

Until someone stops them.

Or until the entire world comes crashing down.

I'd place bets that the latter comes sooner.