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Sunday, March 04, 2012

9mm. The Great Equalizer.

On a day when I read this - "Girls and Guns… It’s A Social Thing," I get this photo in the email from my sweet little daughter, who's shown punching holes in targets at the range the other day:

Love those pink ear protectors.

From the article:
While it’s too soon to say that we’re witnessing a social revolution, the dramatic increase in the number of American women who own guns makes one thing clear. Social networking, as it has recently in so many real revolutions around the world, is playing a pivotal role in both spreading the word, and supporting the efforts of millions of law abiding women who have at last come to the gun. Whether their interests lie in hunting, competition, entertainment or defense, those of us who care deeply about America’s shooting heritage are proud of the growing legion of girls with guns.
Yes, we are.

* For what it's worth, I think Jodi's firing her Ruger 9mm. What's not seen is the fierce blaze in her eyes.