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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Abortion Takes On a Whole New Meaning

I wrote yesterday about the "ethicists" who have decided that it's now perfectly okay to abort children after they've been born so as to avoid putting the "well-being of the family at risk."  Whatever that might mean.  As it turns out, the ethicists, after having published their viewpoint in an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, have received death threats. About which they seem appalled.

James Taranto responds to their profoundly troubling argument and the reaction from one of the authors - Professor Julian Savulescu - to the threats made against them:

"He's half right. People who issue death threats in response to an academic article are indeed "fanatics opposed to the very values of a liberal society." But so are people who write or publish academic articles arguing in favor of the murder of children."

Which is pretty much what I said yesterday.  If these elitists consider it acceptable to kill people - fill in the blank as to reason - they shouldn't be surprised if other people follow their lead and recommend that they too be killed.

Murder is murder.  And no lofty academic treatise is going to alter that fact.

It would do them well to think this through to its ... final solution.