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Monday, March 12, 2012

America's Leading Slave Trader Speaks

But, interestingly, he gets some push-back from his audience.  Maybe there's hope still ...
Some students offended by Louis Farrakhan's UC Berkeley address

Berkeley, Calif. — Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a speech to hundreds at the University of California Berkeley Saturday and some students took issue with parts of his message.

Minister Louis Farrakhan opened the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference at UC Berkeley Saturday, bringing together black students from colleges across the state.

The 78-year-old minister urged the 600 or so students to depend on themselves for jobs and learn more about black history. He also pushed a controversial book that alleges Jews dominated the slave trade.

"(He said) that Jews control the government and that you need to be their friends in order to be successful, that Jews control the media. To me, that was just so hateful and horrible," said Noah Ickowitz, a UC Berkelely ASUC Senator.

"This is not hate, this is actual facts," Farrakhan said.

Outside Wheeler Hall, a few students passed out petitions expressing their discontent with minister Farrakhan's presence on campus. "I believe the (Black Student Union) had every right to bring Farrakhan, but we are hurt by Farrakhan's words," Ickowitz said to students outside the auditorium.

The minister condemned the opposition and even discouraged dialogue between Jews and blacks. [link]
There's hope for the future if attendees to this convention found the antics and rhetoric of this hate-filled "minister" to be over the top. I'd like to thank them on behalf of the human race.

Maybe now he'll get the message and crawl back under that rock ...

* I created the term "modern-day slave trader" to describe those in this country who make a living off of the race issue by stoking the fires of racial animosity and resentment.  Farrakhan, Jackson, and Sharpton being the most prominent.  I find out I could add a fourth - now dead: Derrick Bell.