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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And While The Virginia Economy Grows ...

... that of California craters.

I wonder what the difference is?

Could it be that ...

California has the third-highest income tax in America.

California has the highest sales tax in America.

California has the fourth-highest capital gains tax in America.

California has the second-highest gasoline tax in America.

And, perhaps, California leads the nation in the number of businesses fleeing the state.

Which all makes this less than surprising:

California ranks worst state for business

Oh, by the way, Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly are seeking to make the Commonwealth just like California.  See "Democrats eye gas tax increase." See "Democrat wants to raise Va. cigarette tax by $1.15 a pack." See "Surprise! Democrats Call for Plastic Bag Tax."

Given the chance, and left to the Democrats' devices, Virginia could easily become California.

God help us all when that day comes.