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Friday, March 02, 2012

As We Head Off Into The Sunset ...

I have to tell you, I'm just not hopeful as I look at the candidates remaining in the presidential race.

Those still standing?

Romney.  Santorum.  And Obama.

None of whom, by my estimation, has it in him to set this country right.  None has what it takes to make sweeping changes in the way government interacts with the people.  Obama?  Expect four more years of the same we've been getting for so many years.  Santorum and Romney?  Expect them to nibble around the edges.

Expect, too, that nothing fundamental will change.

If only Newt had kept his momentum.  He's the only candidate who could have - and would have - radically shifted from the status quo.  (Though nobody could predict with any confidence exactly what he'd do ...)

Make no mistake.  Radical change is necessary.  And we haven't long to make that change:

‘Now or Never’—DeMint Argues America Could be Facing Last Chance Before Economic Collapse

Economic collapse.  Social collapse.  Total collapse.

It draws ever closer and they're arguing about contraceptives.

May God have mercy.