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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can Tim Kaine Be Believed?

I'd ask the man for an explanation, but I'm not sure that would be believable either.

From the RPV:
More Empty Rhetoric: Tim Kaine on the Gas Tax

We've seen it before from Chairman Tim Kaine - saying one thing during a campaign, then doing another when he's in office.

As gas prices surged when he was Governor, Tim Kaine - who recently told an audience, "that aspects of the gas price thing that makes (him) scratch [his] head" - considered raising the gas tax on the Virginia families and business already suffering. (Tim Kaine at Italian Delight Restaurant, South Boston, 3/3/2012)

And with gas prices already above $4 in some parts of Virginia, Kaine's squishy record on gas taxes has him desperately trying to convince Virginians that when he says he won't raise taxes this time, he really, really means it. Honest.

* "Kaine thought that increasing the gas tax was the wrong way to go since cars are becoming more fuel-efficient." (Roanoke Free Press, 2/28/12)

Sound familiar? In 2006 Kaine was spouting an eerily similar tune:

* "'I think the right way to solve this problem is without a gas tax' Kaine said of Virginia's need to improve its transportation infrastructure."(WTOP, 4/25/06)

Yet in 2008 Kaine changed his tune, and apparently saw a gas tax increase as a potential problem solver to "consider":

* "Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) said Tuesday that he would consider backing an increase in Virginia's 17.5 cent-a-gallon gasoline tax, despite the record price of fuel at the pump." (The Washington Post, 4/30/08)

* "'All issues are on the table,' Kaine said. 'We are talking about a gas tax.'" (The Washington Post, 4/30/08)

* "Kaine says he will not rule out the idea of a statewide gas tax to help fund transportation in the Commonwealth." (NBC29, 5/1/08)

"Tim Kaine will tell us one thing then do another. Unfortunately we saw it all before when he was willing to consider raising the gas tax as Governor, even after saying it wasn't 'the right way to solve [the] problem,'" said RPV Chairman Pat Mullins.

"Gas prices are surging, some Virginia families are paying $30 more to fill up their cars today since President Obama and Chairman Kaine went to Washington three years ago. Virginia needs a Senator who won't "consider" a tax hike that will hurt Virginia families and their budgets," he said.
I wonder what Kaine is going to say tomorrow ...