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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Deal With It

So Obama comes to the aid of that law student who was spoken of harshly by Rush Limbaugh.

How sweet.

And how brutish of that Rush guy.

Or not.

Here's the way I see it: This (privileged) law student expects to have sex without consequence.  That's what the contraceptives are all about.  And that's fine.  And that's her business.  Not Rush's or mine.

But this (privileged) law student also wants to be able to obtain her contraceptives without consequence.  Meaning, she wants to get her jollies for free.

Meaning, she wants Rush and me to pay for her contraceptives.

That is our business.

Some - including our wonderful president - argue that Rush had no right to talk about this privileged (and pampered) law student the way he did.  Wrong.  When she expects him to pay for her protection - either directly or indirectly through the government or through insurance - that makes her his business.

Consequence-free?  Welcome to the real world, babe.

Deal with it.